Facilitate Workshops, Conferences, and Change Initiatives

Australian Centre for Leadership Development (ACLD) works with clients to engage management and employees in improving productivity and performance.

ACLD will facilitate organisations growing their emerging leaders and improve leadership capability thereby improving quality of service and transitioning to the new digital environment.

ACLD through its Managing Director John Rasa, has been involved in significant change initiatives in health system reform. The reform of Clinical Governance has caused health services to reflect on the adequacy of their risk management framework and clinical review processes. ACLD offers an opportunity to assess and benchmark current practice. ACLD partners with organisations to assure Boards of the adequacy of existing processes to ensure appropriate clinician engagement.

Management Development

Australian Centre for Leadership Development is experienced in developing management skills in clinician  managers and senior managers across the public sector. Organisations that have engaged its Director,  Associate Professor John Rasa, in senior management development include the NSW, Queensland and Northern Territory Premiers’ Departments, Wollongong University, Box Hill Hospital, Eastern Health and Pacific Power.


Communication Strategy

The root cause of many of the health service organisations patient care process problems is poor communication. It leads to patient complaints and to conflict in the workplace. Poor communication certainly leads to numerous management problems which are preventable with good systems and tools supported by well skilled clinicians and managers.

The Edge has experience in a wide variety of health care organisations in improving communication and facilitating change.


Facilitating Forums

The Edge offers expertise in facilitating planning forums to harness the creative ideas of the organisation and help build commitment to common goals.

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